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Miyu’s Flag for School

This week I was informed that Miyu will be needing a flag by Friday, which is tomorrow. Her hoikuen provided the paper for the flag and we have been entasked with creating a design with the theme of “Autumn Fruits”. So I gathered all of… Read More

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Taking out the trash

When I was a child, I was never taught to do my own chores. Despite working full time, my mother always washed the dishes and did the laundry. My parents sort of had an agreement that my dad would be the cook and he would… Read More

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Dear Miyu Alexandra

Dear Miyu Alexandra, I now leave the fate of our houseplants in your hands, for their survival may very well depend on your most eager and diligent stewardship. All the best, Mommybear

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I live for this smile

This was taken on Monday, September 4, when we, along with Ken’s parents and Alex, took a little trip to Hakone. Afterward, we stopped by Gotemba Premium Outlets where I think my FIL was the one who took this photo while Ken and I went… Read More

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Multiple use cooling pad

Miyu was at Baba and Jji’s house this evening and when she came back… she looked like this. I was immediately concerned because normally those cooling pads are used for when you have a fever. Well, it turns out that Miyu accidentally broke a vase… Read More