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I live for this smile

This was taken on Monday, September 4, when we, along with Ken’s parents and Alex, took a little trip to Hakone. Afterward, we stopped by Gotemba Premium Outlets where I think my FIL was the one who took this photo while Ken and I went to go find an ATM.

It’s amazing how much she resembles me when she smiles like that. Because of her, I am constantly in awe at the simple yet complex role of genetics in human life. I truly am. Sometimes I’m just staring at her and I get this overwhelming sense of love, pride, and humility. Almost dumbfoundedly I remember that I carried her in my womb, that my body constructed her flesh and bones, but that her soul—the essence that makes her unique—was not of my creation. And every time I remember that, my gratitude for my own life renews. I think to myself, how lucky I am to be alive to behold such beauty, how lucky I am to be her mother in this lifetime, how lucky I am to live for this smile.


    • Reverei

      Thank you Gaile! Yes, she is definitely growing up too fast. I guess that’s another reason why I need to start blogging regularly again because sometimes even photos are not enough. I need to remember what happened through a little story here and there. 🙂

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