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End-of-the-Month Weigh-in: June

This month’s weight loss = 4.2 lbs

Total weight loss overall = 9.2 lbs

I totally slacked off this month and I forgot to take an actual screen shot on June 30 but whatever. I fell off the bandwagon with my breakfast routine a little bit because lately I haven’t been getting good sleep and I’m always in a rush in the mornings again, which I hate. I usually boil two eggs and while that’s happening in the microwave, I fry sausages. And when I remembered the day before, I usually take a small bag of salad with me from the convenience store but this month was super stressful and for some reason I tended to forget buying the salad! That, and sometimes I would just forget to bring the salad altogether and it would end up being wasted in the fridge. Sigh. FML.

I definitely notice that getting a good night’s sleep is when I burn the most fat and lose the most weight. On a good night’s rest, I usually lose 2lbs by the morning. I also notice that I can’t sleep beyond 9-10 hours anymore. Before, sometimes when I’m so tired, I would fall into a mini coma and sleep for 12 hours. That doesn’t happen to me anymore and I’m happy about that because it gives me more time to get things done over the weekend instead of walking around lethargic from too much sleep.

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