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New Vlogging Gear

We went to Yodobashi yesterday and I decided to take a look at the tripod section. Based on a YouTube review, I was going to get the Manfrotto one but ended up getting the Joby HandyPod instead because it has a nice grip. I have the Gorilla Pod as well that I bought a few years ago but I’ve noticed that it’s kind of bulky and it’s annoying when I want to use it as a standing tripod because it takes a while to straighten the legs out and whatnot. I think I’ll use it when the situation calls for it so it’s nice to keep in handy. Anyway, I also got a car mount thing as well. I’m planning to put that on my windshield to vlog while driving. And about five minutes ago, I just placed an order for a mini microphone, the Saramonic SR-XM1. I’ll be getting that in the mail sometime tomorrow morning.

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