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I ♥ Anahita Stones

We stopped by Anahita Stones today and I ended up getting a raw rose quartz chunk, two raw pyrites, a raw amethyst, and a rose quartz worry stone with a seed of life engraving. I also got a metatron cube charm and Ken surprised me with a healing stone set (in the plastic baggy). I’m planning to bring the amethyst and one pyrite to work, since I already have a larger amethyst near my side of our bed. I put the metatron cube next to Ken’s pillow though since he is plagued with nightmares, and the healing stone set will just be on display with the rest of my collection until I figure out how to practice Reiki. ( ‾́ ◡ ‾́ )

Even Miyu had her own little basket at Anahita. I persuaded her to get a purple worry stone just like my rose quartz one (but we ended up trading so now I have the amethyst worry stone instead and she has the rose quartz). She got a heart-shaped white jasper and a pack of tumble stones. She was so excited that she placed the tumble stones in some of our plants.

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