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Hello, ND filter.

Alas, I have finally acquired an ND filter for my 56mm on the XT2 for those super sunny days and making other cool effects. I was inspired to get this after I discovered a travel vlogger on YouTube and spending this afternoon at a park not too far from our apartment. I had the XT2 and Ken had the G7X on the HandyPod. When I was reviewing the footage, I discovered that while the quality of the video on the XT2 was far superior, the lack of an image stabilizer made for a lot of shaky, unusable footage. Meanwhile, on the G7X, the image quality is still great, however, there were times when the footage was overexposed and Ken didn’t know how to adjust, and I was too busy with the XT2 to help. Since I can’t technically get an ND filter for the G7X, I decided I might as well get one for my XT2 since I imagine I’ll be using the 56mm for a lot of my B-Roll going forward.

So things I need to work on with the XT2:

  • Focus: Manual or Auto? I had it set to auto during the footage and noticed there were a lot of missed moments because the camera focused on people in the background. Ugh.
  • Image stabilization: Should I get a gimbal? Ugh. More things to buy?!

Things to consider on the G7X:

  • Exposure: What caused the overexposure in Ken’s footage? I thought I had set the whole thing to auto… So maybe auto doesn’t always mean the settings will adjust under extremely sunny conditions? Sigh.

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