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Super Bad Flare-up

Friday night, after I worked on my glacier pothos painting, I noticed that my arthritis was becoming noticeably worse by the hour. The weather was pretty bad and we live on the 9th floor so I’m sure the already declining barometric pressure was the cause… Read More

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A Wednesday Off

I had a doctor’s appointment this morning so I took Miyu with me since she’s sick anyway. Afterward, we visited the toy store, bought a few little things, including a Pete the Cat Trick or Treat book, and then went to Denny’s, one of my… Read More

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Our new oil heater!

We got it this past Sunday at Yodobashi. It wasn’t in stock so they had it delivered to us today. Original price was ¥32,868 ($302.65). We got it on sale for  ¥28,540 ($262.80). We’ve been using our trusted gas heater (handed down to us by Ken’s… Read More