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New Blog Home!

After much debate, I decided to move my blog permanently to I also decided to use a new alias because for some reason, I’m unable to recover my account. Oh well. For years, I have been battling with my own installation of WordPress and it just doesn’t make sense anymore for me to stress over technical details that often discourage me from blogging altogether. Things like updating the PHP version, database, plugins, etc. Basically I just didn’t want to waste time on maintaining the technical aspects of WordPress anymore.

I’m also debating whether or not I should buy a new domain. I’m leaning toward not buying one and just keeping it the way it is. Also, to offset the price of my new plan, I won’t be renewing my domain which expires next year in April. I’ll be sad about that but I guess I’m embarking on a new chapter in life. Make no mistake, Reverei is forever my online alias, but just not a domain for blogging anymore.  🙂

I’m very happy with my decision because even if I can’t continue to pay for this WordPress plan in the future, it will just revert to the free plan and all my posts will still be viewable.

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