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Patiently Waiting for Fall


I made the mistake of answering the door earlier as I was doing the laundry. Our window was open so whoever was out there knew someone was home so I felt bad for not answering. Anyway, I shouldn’t have felt bad because it turned out to be Jehovah’s Witnesses recruiters. FML. I had thought I could simply turn them away by stating that I don’t speak Japanese but just my luck…they spoke English. That’s actually typical of religious recruiters though. Sigh.

The only good thing that came out of that interaction? The younger lady of the two, upon noticing Miyu quietly appearing at my side, immediately said “Oh! She’s so cute! She looks just like you!” My next door neighbor always says that Miyu is essentially a replica of her father. Without fail. So take that neighbor!

On another note, I feel so incredibly relieved to have finally settled my blog. It’s like I was away from my digital “home” for so long, and after so many years, I finally made my way back. I had forgotten how cozy and cathartic it is to defragment my thoughts through journaling and photography. I think the last time I blogged seriously was around 2007~2011. After that it was a hazy, somewhat dark, roller coaster ride through life.

I have a backlog of things to update on. Ken surprised me with a new camera in late August, for example. I have new mugs that I absolutely adore (one of them, that looks like a watermelon, is in the photo above). Some updates on my arthritis situation. Plans of moving to a new apartment late this year or early next, Miyu’s new fondness of our beloved game HayDay, anxiety over her starting elementary school next April, my looking forward to the colder weather and my gratitude for having survived yet another grueling summer, essential oil sprays, getting my bachelor’s degree next year, and other miscellaneous things.

My three classes are ending soon so I’m in a crunch right now to finish all of my projects. I’ve been feeling guilty lately because the time I was supposed to spend on those projects went instead to my reestablishing my blog. But what can I say? That’s typical of me though. 🙂

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