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House Chores

Miyu’s room is a mess because I’m currently trying to find all of our autumn/winter clothes and blankets. Because of this, this week’s laundry is insane. We haven’t even replaced the laundry poles that we took down last Saturday because of the typhoon so I went and did that this morning. I got a little help too, though. 🙂

So, I was editing the undokai footage a few minutes ago and Ken brought up a good point: Privacy. There’s a bunch of little kids running around in the video and I just don’t feel right about uploading this particular video, no matter how precious it is to us, publicly on YouTube. I’m totally disappointed about it but I know it’s the right thing to do, right? Sigh. So maybe it’ll just go on my Facebook. Ugh.

We also went to Yodobashi last night and bought a new oil heater. I’m excited to blog about that and some other smaller purchases we made.

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