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The Moon


Miyu is down with a cold. She started coughing last night and now she has a runny nose. So you know what the means…Ken and I will most likely be following suit. She’s already asleep, tucked underneath her fleece blanket like some kind of pink hermit.

I’m always feeling disappointed lately that I can’t do all the things I want when I get home after work. I hate it because I know it’ll be like this for roughly seven more months. It was raining this evening. Apparently there’s a tropical storm headed our away. Ugh.

When we got home, I started laundry, refilled Maddie’s water bottle, fed us some dinner, hung said laundry, and sent Miyu to bed at around 9. I don’t really like to give her nightly showers when she’s sick.

My mind seems fragmented and cluttered so I’m listening to some meditation music on YouTube which I’ll continue listening to in the shower that I’m about to take soon. My three online classes officially start today, but I can afford to wait until Wednesday to actually start on classwork. How is it almost 10 already? Sigh.

I think this incense is by far my most favorite, judging by the box in the photo being my last. I use it almost every other night, or whenever I notice the absence of its scent really. It calms me down and the fragrance lingers for hours and hours like a gentle reminder to get a good sleep. I ordered 12 more boxes just a few minutes ago. I also ordered (while I was at work), a camera bag for my M50, an extra SD card, and a bath robe for Miyu.

On a random note, I’m looking at the photo above and I’m thinking, damn, I really need to repaint my nails. I paint them this milky translucent color that makes them look clean, simple, and polished. I think I’ll blog about that someday soon. My hands were better today. I didn’t have to wear tape or my wrist guards. I was also able to buy cough medicine for Miyu during my lunch.

I’m tired, but thankful.


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