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Groceries in, trash out.


I decided to use our nifty MacWagon tonight and I’m glad I did because we had a lot of trash to throw away. It was so much easier to put all the junk in the wagon instead of putting a bag on each arthritic finger and hoping that the cardboards won’t fall out during the miserable trek to the trash shed. Why didn’t I do this sooner? Jeez louise. Well, I think it’s definitely easier now because Miyu helps. She’s like my wing girl, assistant, cadet in training, super trooper. I’m really proud of her for wanting to help. I think there is tremendous value in teaching a child the principle of chores at an early age! I’m wondering now how long this will last though. I’m praying that she’ll be like this even through high school. Can a mom dream or what? 🙂

Got a lot of stuff in today, my second bento book, SD card, 24 boxes of The Moon incense, and my fish oil, turmeric, and milk thistle supplements. I’m kind of worried about how I’ll react to the latter two since I’ve never taken them before. I think I’ll try those tomorrow night since it’ll be Friday. So if any digestive disasters occur, I shall be in the comfort of my own home, LOL. I’m good with the fish oil though since it’s the same brand I took while I was pregnant (Nordic Naturals).

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