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Sad Face Band-aid

My head is pounding and I have to wake up for work in about six and a half hours but if I don’t purge today’s activities through writing, I feel like implosion will be imminent. So I must.

I had my doctor’s appointment today regarding my joint pains around early afternoon. I didn’t bring Miyu to school so she came with me. After my doctor’s assessment of my joints and their mobility, he said that I’m not presenting a classical case of arthritis so he ordered a blood test specifically for items that are pertinent to arthritis such as rheumatoid factor. I had five vials of blood taken. Miyu was fascinated the entire time. At one point she exclaimed loudly, “Wow! There’s so much blood coming out of Mommy’s body!” I laughed and said, “Yup…That’s right.” The technician who was drawing my blood said that Miyu should work in the medical field. I asked Miyu, “Do you want to be a nurse?” She replied like a boss, “No, I want to be a doctor,” as she proceeded to examine what I studiously avoided examining myself (since I get queazy if I look at my own blood being drawn).

Afterward, we went to the commissary and bought a few things. I’m going to try Quinoa and see how I react to it. We ate at Denny’s again and I had beef stew while she had her udon. Half way through her udon, I offered her some of my beef stew and she ended up eating almost half of my plate. Then we went to Nishimatsuya (Baby/Kids store) and bought a few things, namely a pajama vest thing because she has a habit of throwing her blanket off in the middle of the night and some winter accessories. Lately she has an obsession with cats.

Earlier this week Miyu scraped her knee pretty bad at school. So these past few nights after our shower, I’ve had to dress her wound to make sure it’s healing properly. She’s taken a liking to these bandaids I bought with these funny faces. Tonight she requested a sad one. Then her right index finger has an extremely dry spot that she picked and it bled so I had to dress that too. I decided on a whim to draw on it and that made her really happy, so I’m happy.

Despite the pain in my wrists and arms, today was a good day.

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