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Christmas came and went.


It has been over a month since I last blogged and I feel so disoriented. The previous school term was the most stressful I’ve ever had. It finally ended on December 15, but I’m still decompressing. I was taking the one math requirement for my degree plan along with two other major courses and I was under so much stress that I contemplated giving up many times. I’m happy to report, however, that I passed all three classes.

Last Saturday I upgraded my phone and finally went back to Apple after roughly five years of having an Android, specifically the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge/Note 8. I decided to go with an iPhone 11 Pro in Midnight Green. I like that it’s much more comfortable to hold in my hand compared to the Pro Max.

Ken, Miyu, and I have all gotten sick and Miyu is on her 2nd round of sickness now. Luckily she doesn’t have the flu, but it’s a pretty bad cold.

The kitchen is a mess from all the gingerbread house/cookie making. I need to tend to that and then work on getting the house in order in general, but it’s good to be back.





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