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“Valentime’s Day”

Miyu was telling me yesterday about how it’s Valentime’s Day tomorrow at her school and that she needs to buy chocolate. Well, since bringing snacks to school is against the rules, I opted to get her cards instead. At first I couldn’t find them at the Exchange and was really disappointed, but I lucked out and found them at another location. I ended up getting her 5 packs and some of them come with little sticker tattoos. Needless to say, little girl was thrilled! She spent roughly two hours writing cards to her classmates. I told her to make sure she doesn’t miss anyone or else they’ll be sad…and nobody wants to be sad on Valentime’s Day. 🙂

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“We’re not friends anymore.”

She was mad at me this morning because I told her she couldn’t bring her Pokémon toys to school. She has a habit of showing off her toys and I just don’t want her to grow up like that—materialistic, covetous, greedy. Worse, she currently believes that showing off her things will win her affection from her friends.

I love this photo so much I’m going to hang it somewhere in our new apartment. Looking at it reminds me of how precious time really is, and how comical yet endearing childish emotions can be. 🙂