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Breathe In, Breathe Out

Every morning, I try to start my day by opening the curtains and windows to let in fresh air. I then fix the bed and light a stick of incense in our office.

Last night, Miyu woke up at around 1:30 am complaining of a stomachache. She sat and cried on the toilet for about half an hour before she eventually gave up and went back to sleep. Ken and I were on standby, helping her to understand that the pain will pass. If it weren’t so awkward, I think I would’ve taken a photo to preserve the memory.

I finally went to sleep around 2:30 to 3am. There’s this YouTube video that I always like to watch before going to sleep, when I know I need help getting real sleep. I swear, every time I watch this, I always wake up feeling a little better the next day…like I actually had deep sleep instead of flitting about on the surface where all the nightmares seem to float like scum.

Anyway, not that 5ish hours qualifies as good sleep for me, but I’ve been in a creative mood lately—specifically for photography and writing (hence cameras and blogging). Yesterday, I ended up buying some minor gear for my X-T2: a camera grip for the body to make it more comfortable, hand grip, wrist strap, scarf neck strap, shutter buttons, and these doodads by Peak Design that make attaching stuff to the camera easier. I’ll be getting those in tomorrow and will most likely blog about that. I have a serious backlog of things that I need to blog about. Sigh.

I’m also super excited because after all these years, I finally decided to buy a color calibration system, the SpyderX Pro by Datacolor. I’m looking forward to finally getting some color accuracy for a change, instead of just eyeballing things. Since I ordered it last week, I should hopefully get that in the mail sometime early next week maybe, cross fingers.

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