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Miyu’s First Day of School

Shortly before 0800, we left the house so Miyu could stand in line with the other kids in our neighborhood. The air was slightly cool but there was a promise of growing humidity later in the day. A volunteer parent was checking off names and made sure each child was in the proper subgroup. Her particular subgroup’s leader is a boy in the 6th grade. His job is to make sure he picks up and delivers the children assigned to him. I wonder what happens though when he is sick and unable to attend school? I’ll have to ask Ken about that…

Miyu had been so excited before leaving the house but upon seeing the other kids, she promptly freaked out and went into shutdown mode. We hugged each other goodbye and she cried but she dutifully followed the other kids when it was time to go.

After they left, Ken went to work and I promptly took an hour nap. It was an early day for the children so Miyu was due back around 1040. I waited for her at the same spot and this time around, she was really happy and excited. I felt bad though because the clothes she wore to school were a bit too hot and she was sweating profusely during her 15 minute walk home with the other kids.

After changing her clothes, we went on base to get my mail and packages, visited the toy store, and had lunch at Denny’s. I had to go to work at 1330. I had received my new work laptop earlier in the day and I set that up. I ordered a one-hear headset thing (the kind you wear at call centers?) so that when I call students, I can hear them better and at the same time not worry about not hearing the house. I’ll probably blog about that at some later time.

Overall, it was a good day today.

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