Monthly archives of “June 2020

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Letting Go

Since Miyu started school, I noticed that when I pick her up, she always gives me a drawing on a thin sheet of square origami paper. The drawings depict the most significant event of her day. For example, the first memorable drawing she gave me… Read More

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A Pleasant Surprise

Late last night I was talking to Ken in the office. My line of sight was on the plants but it took me a while to discover that there was something different. When I saw the big white bloom, I was startled at its foreignness… Read More

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Decaf in the evening

I can drink coffee any time of the day or night, but as I’ve gotten older, I discovered that drinking caffeinated drinks after about 3pm is never a good idea for me. Worse, I crave coffee as a dessert. But after dinner, when I seem… Read More