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Letting Go

Since Miyu started school, I noticed that when I pick her up, she always gives me a drawing on a thin sheet of square origami paper. The drawings depict the most significant event of her day. For example, the first memorable drawing she gave me recently was of her classroom and a wandering bee. She recounted what happened and the excitement of her fellow classmate who told her about it. I thought it was the most charming thing ever, that she was compelled to share her memory with me through a drawing. That, as if, since she doesn’t have any other means to do so, she had to draw it out to explain to me how significant this event was to her.

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Getting to know my tarot decks

In an effort to get to know my growing collection of decks, I thought I would try doing more daily cards instead of full on spreads—just for those ones I feel like I’m having a hard time connecting with or understanding. The challenge will be integrating this into my chaotic morning routine (especially with my returning to the office very soon), but I think this is the only way for me to really get to know them and their meanings. I feel like intuitive reading is a concept for more advanced users who’ve already mastered the foundations. On that note, I’m definitely aware that I’m still very much a noob.

I already know that on some mornings I just will not have the time to do any dailies, so I’m glad that I have the app version for some of my decks, especially the Shadowscapes. The deck has a whispery, dreamy type of feel to them but sometimes I feel like there’s a lot going on in each card and I have a hard time grasping the meaning. Still, I think the artwork is phenomenal and I’m very happy that it’s a part of my collection.

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My New Tarot/Art Corner

Last night, as I was trying to sleep and failing, I came up with the idea of moving my desk to make room for my multipurpose table that I currently had stowed away. I thought maybe if I sacrifice some entry room into the office, I can finally have my tarot/art table after all. Well, I couldn’t wait for tonight so this morning I asked Ken to help me move my desk and viola! On display are the new decks I’m currently working with. I have more on the way.

I’m very grateful and super excited. 🙂

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Will there be thunder soon?

A bright message will come from the stars?
A bright message will become a reality?
A bright message will manifest?

I don’t know if I interpreted that correctly, but like Tarot, I’m finding Lenormand really fun so far. There’s thunder in the forecast in my area but recently it hasn’t been very accurate. So, hearing the winds howling outside on this hot, humid, cloudy day, I did the sensible thing and consulted my new Lenormand deck. 🙂

I received my new Maybe Lenormand and Shadowscapes Tarot deck yesterday. I absolutely love them. I feel like my ML is like my own psychic Ask Jeeves or Batman’s Alfred. Shadowscapes is definitely more dreamy and otherly, like the messages are coming from another plane entirely.

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A Pleasant Surprise

Late last night I was talking to Ken in the office. My line of sight was on the plants but it took me a while to discover that there was something different. When I saw the big white bloom, I was startled at its foreignness and exclaimed at my bewildered husband, “OMG what is that? OH! LOOK! IT’S BLOOMING!” I never knew that this plant produced flowers.

So of course I had to show Miyu this startling discovery this morning. She excitedly proposed to water the flower directly into its opening and I gently explained that it would be better to water the soil instead. It looks so fragile. And to think all this time, I actually thought this plant was dying. But I guess I was wrong. 🙂