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Fishing for a wild cat

Miyu had a lot of fun yesterday. She called Lola Sandy and while she was waiting for Princess (my cousin’s daughter) to call her back, she decided to set up shop in the balcony. I had ordered her a Nature’s Explorer Kit from Amazon a few weeks ago and she loves to use it whenever she can. She even had on my telework headset so she was feeling extra cool. While setting up her stools, she suddenly spotted a tabby cat just laying on the grass, not too far from our balcony.

So there she was, trying desperately to get the cat to come to her while she was on a video call with Princess on her tablet, which I rigged to the balcony rail since I didn’t want to stand there holding it all day. She insisted that she knew how to speak “cat” and proceeded to make lots of cat sounds. Princess and her brother were also making cat sounds through the tablet. Miyu even used her whistle from her kit. I came up with the idea of tying a slice of bread smothered in tuna to a makeshift fishing pole using a tension rod we had laying around.

Eventually after an hour or so of failed cat call attempts, we decided to just walk over to the cat and give it a tuna sandwich along with some milk (I cut off a plastic bottle to use as a bowl). Miyu has since named the stray cat “Muffin.” She looked for it today and was sad that it wasn’t there anymore. But she remains hopeful that she’ll see it again.

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