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Welcome to my tarot…garden?

Lately, I’ve been developing a real passion for tarot. So much so that as of today, I’ve purchased 4 more decks, and eying to buy 6 more, LOL. I’m super excited about the 2 decks from Labyrinthos. I ordered the Astrology Oracle and the Golden Thread Tarot. I’m getting those sometime in July. I also got the Moonology Oracle Deck and Everyday Tarot Mini from Amazon, which should hopefully be arriving in the next two weeks.

I’m also constantly learning more about reading tarot in general. I love it so much because it beautifully marries my passions for art, language, symbology, and mysticism.

Yesterday I ordered my very first tarot cloths. I got one in a dark royal blue and silver. They arrived this morning and I can’t wait to start using them.

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