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Today’s Reading

This was my first foray with “intuitive” reading. I was about to open up my Tarot! app on my phone when I decided to just look at the artwork and kind of decipher the meaning as I felt it. I asked the same question from yesterday, am I on the right path?

Intuitive (I deciphered the meanings on my own)
In the past, I was burdened with many heavy things. At the moment, I need to reflect and find the truth of it all. In the future, I will ride forward with confidence.

Traditional (I looked up the meanings)
Seven of Swords (minor arcana): Unwise action, a failing plan, spying on another, lack of responsibility, theft, procrastination, partial success. ***Totally accurate***
The Hermit (major arcana): Silent counsel, prudence, discretion, receiving divine wisdom, expert advice, the guide, the teacher. ***Totally accurate***
Knight of Cups (minor arcana): A young man, graceful, sensitive, a dreamer, a messenger, a proposition, an invitation. ***Maybe not the first two, but the rest…?!***

Source: Tarot! app on iOS, based on The Classic 1910 tarot deck by Arthur Edward Waite

Final thoughts
I wonder though, if the three card spread can be read differently? Does it always have to be past, present, and future? Or can they all be for the present? Like a more generalized answer. According to Kim Krans in her The Wild Unknown Tarot Guidebook on page 29, she offered two variations for the three card spread as such:

Who I was / Am / Will be
Body / Mind / Spirit

I really like the three card spread, but I think for the question I asked, this might not be the best spread for the kind of answer I’m looking for. I think I’m going to try the “clarity spread” tomorrow.

But you know what was eerie about today’s reading though? As I was settling down in front of my tarot table and shuffling the cards, Ken was showing me his latest gadget that he ordered online. They were these tiny little lantern things that lit up after being exposed to light, specifically UV lighting. They cost a pretty penny and I must say they’re beautifully crafted. He said to me that they’re called a “Wayfinder.” I thought to myself, “huh….cool.” Then I did my reading and after a moment, I realized that…The Hermit is carrying the exact same thing! I looked through all the other cards and no other character is holding a lamp/lantern.

How freaky is that? 🙂

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