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Site Updates

Last night, as I was getting getting ready for bed, I noticed something off about my blog. My blog title wasn’t displaying correctly on my browser’s tab. Of course, my OCD kicked into overdrive and I immediately launched a full scale investigation. After tinkering with my customizations, I noticed that more things went haywire, and I finally realized that WordPress had decided to “retire” my beloved Moka theme. No matter how hard I tried to modify the code, I just couldn’t. Unless of course I upgraded to a business plan, which I was not about to do since that would cost around $300 a year? Yikes.

So, naturally, I stayed up until 3am trying to find a decent WordPress theme instead. I finally settled on the Editor theme. I’ve seen it many times over the last few years but never really warmed to it, though I do like the fixed navigation side bar. I have to admit though, it’s growing on me!

Also, this morning, I decided that since I’m using a new theme now, I might as well register the free domain that came with my premium plan. So, I did. I now officially own—which is now my humble blog home on the aetherweb. 🙂

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