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Two New Decks

Yesterday, I impulsively purchased two new decks that caught my eye, Cat Tarot and Daily Crystal Inspiration (DCI). On first impression, the Cat Tarot card stock is kind of on the thin side, but I’m not really bothered by it. I got it because I thought the artwork was funny, playful, and endearing.

As for the other one, though it is a bit hard to shuffle, I really like the simplicity and clean look of the DCI oracle deck. For some reason I like it more than the Judy Hall one, though I might still get that one in the future.

So here are my cards of the day from these two new decks, along with a card from the Animal Spirit:


    • Me too! There’s so many of them it’s kind of mind boggling but I remember I was at a mall last year and I picked up an amethyst cluster and I immediately felt goosebumps. Taking it as a good sign, I bought it. It was later I read somewhere online that that’s actually how you “look” for and decide which crystals to get—through its energy and how it speaks to you. 🙂

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