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Dear Dragonfly

Yesterday morning as I was standing by to wave Miyu off on her way to school, I noticed a dragonfly resting on a tree right outside of our door. I was just looking around and enjoying the quiet when I suddenly noticed its presence. Miyu’s group started to leave and I waved at her. There was a huge wasp that flew around that tree so I quickly went in and went about my day, but I was still happy to see the dragonfly. It’s not often I see one just hanging from a tree branch. They’re usually wizzing by carrying about their little lives. Aside from butterflies, I think they’re the only winged insects that I actually like.

Since I had a holiday off, Miyu came straight home from school and as it happened, Ken was not feeling well and stayed home. I told Miyu about the dragonfly so of course she was excited and had to see for herself. I read some folklore and mythology surrounding the dragonfly and told her that they used to be dragons, so they’re kind of like dragon spirits, or just spirits in general. I like to think of them as guardian spirits/fairies. To me their wings are so incredibly beautiful. I think that’s why I like to think of them as fairies—because of the pattern of their wings.

Ken had to visit an ophthalmologist to get his annual eye check up so I decided (on a whim) that Miyu and I would tag along. I wore sneakers anticipating lots of walking, and I decided to let Miyu borrow my G7X just for fun. But it turned out that both batteries for it were dead, so I had to let her borrow my M50 instead. She had lots of fun with it and took lots of photos. Gosh, she’s a fast learner! She is not afraid of technology. Once I showed her the basics, she was up and running with my camera. I was happy to see her so excited.

While Ken was busy with his appointment, Miyu and I went to my most favorite art store in all of Japan—Sekaido. I bought myself 2 mini sketchbooks, a set of watercolor pencils, a set of regular colored pencils, an eraser, and some other little things to include small easels for my tarot cards. I got Miyu her own little sketchbook, a watercolor pencil set, a little watercolor paint set, a little dusting brush, and her own eraser.

After that we went to eat Yakiniku. It was a really nice, rainy, and adventurous day. I’m thankful.

Some of Miyu’s photos from the Canon M50:

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