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Scootin’ Around

Scootin’ in the hallway

Miyu has been sad for a few months now because back when we bought her bike earlier this year, we discovered later that it was a bit too large for her, despite buying the recommended size for her height, according to the charts in the bicycle shop. So, lately I’ve been thinking about getting her a scooter. A few nights ago she was video chatting with Lola Sandy (my mom) and she saw that my cousin’s daughter, who is 10 years old, was riding on her scooter. I saw Miyu grow curious and that’s when I decided to get her a scooter of her own. I ordered hers from Amazon Japan Friday night and it arrived today shortly before noon. This one got the best reviews and it was decently priced around $40 if I converted the yen. She’s out now with her papa practicing in front of our apartment. I got this shot of her practicing in our hallway before they left. I think a few scuff marks on the hardwood floor is worth her excitement. 🙂

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