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Miyu’s Morning Glory

During this Summer Break, or Natsuyasumi 夏休み, of her first school year, Miyu and her classmates were tasked with taking care of their plants at home. Their Summer breaks are apparently three weeks long beginning in August. During a parent-teacher conference in late July shortly before the break, I spoke with her teacher (they provided a translator, all was well) and then somehow…I found myself walking to my car at a paid parking lot some ways away, with the shown plant in tow. It would’ve been nice to receive some kind of forewarning that after the conference, parents would be required to take home a large plant, but I digress. I was thankful at least that it wasn’t raining and it fit in my car.

So every morning, Miyubear wakes up and I remind her to water her plant because it’s drooping. She asked me what “drooping” meant so I explained it to her, pointing at the way the plant leaves were bending down and looking sad. When I took the plant home a few weeks ago, there were no blooms yet, but now there’s a lovely bunch thanks to someone’s little green thumb. Lola Sandy encouraged her to talk to her plants the other day so she does that now. She says with vigor, “Good morning, plant!”

Come next Monday, when she has to go back to school, she’ll have to carry her morning glory with her on her fifteen-minute group walk to school. I’ll be giving her gardening gloves to wear because she has this thing with ants. 🙂

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