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Scoot over Summer

Yesterday, I decided it was time to let Miyu out on her scooter and give her free reign on some concrete. It was terribly hot, but at least there was a good amount of wind. We saw several cicada, butterflies, and dragonflies fly about. Only the latter two I was really happy about. I don’t know what it is about cicada that disturb me so much. I think it’s the drunken way they fly coupled with this annoyingly loud sound they produce. I understand they’re important for the ecosystem, but hot damn, they look like huge cockroach beetle flies. I wish I had a team of hungry pet ravens and a small army of dragonflies who would just guard us from mosquitoes and drunken cicadas. 🙂

Anyway, wishful thinking aside, we walked to a 7-11 and bought some snacks and had an ice cream break in the middle of her scooting session. She had a lot of fun and that made me happy.

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