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Lucky Coin

Today Ken gave me a lucky coin that he said he especially wanted me to have. When I asked him why, he said simply that he thought I needed the luck. So I shrugged, tucking away that interesting nugget of information, and opened my package. The name of the company that produces these “fantasy coins” is Shire Post. What it is, essentially, is they somehow managed to scour the Earth for four-leaf clovers and immortalized them in these neat little coins edged in different metals—Ken chose mine in copper (because arthritis).

It’s funny because at the place where I get my mail packages at my work, there’s a large patch of grass right in front of the building and there’s certain areas where clovers grow. Well, each time I pick up my packages, I always half-heartedly look for four-leaf clovers, and am always sad that I can never find one. But now…I have one! Delivered right to me. I didn’t have to look for luck because it found me instead. Thank you, Ken and thank you, universe, for this wonderful synchronicity. 🙂 🍀

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Scootin’ Around

Scootin’ in the hallway

Miyu has been sad for a few months now because back when we bought her bike earlier this year, we discovered later that it was a bit too large for her, despite buying the recommended size for her height, according to the charts in the bicycle shop. So, lately I’ve been thinking about getting her a scooter. A few nights ago she was video chatting with Lola Sandy (my mom) and she saw that my cousin’s daughter, who is 10 years old, was riding on her scooter. I saw Miyu grow curious and that’s when I decided to get her a scooter of her own. I ordered hers from Amazon Japan Friday night and it arrived today shortly before noon. This one got the best reviews and it was decently priced around $40 if I converted the yen. She’s out now with her papa practicing in front of our apartment. I got this shot of her practicing in our hallway before they left. I think a few scuff marks on the hardwood floor is worth her excitement. 🙂

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That’s the best way I can describe my current state.

I recently spoke with my academic advisor and was informed that my graduation date is August 30. So now I can say on my resume that I officially obtained my bachelor’s on August 30, 2020.

After 14 years of struggle, it’s finally over!!!

During the final days of class, I actually reopened one of my domains for the purpose of chronicling my new art journey. I’m really excited because Ken got me a new Wacom tablet for my graduation present. The only issues I face now are (1) my arthritis, and (2) managing my time between work, Miyu, and house chores.