Monthly archives of “September 2020

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Miyu’s Morning Yoga

This morning, as I was peacefully shuffling my tarot cards, Miyu approached me and randomly asked if she could use my yoga mat. I hesitated at first, but then I realized I should take advantage of her curiosity and introduce her to some proper yoga. So, I found some nice videos on YouTube and she had a blast. 🙂

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Getting Ready for School

Last night, I told her that our local toy store already has Halloween decorations for sale. After she badgered me about why I didn’t buy any said decorations, she expressed excitement and is now eager to choose a Halloween costume. Her top choices are all big cats. In the past, I’ve always let Halloween slip by, but this year I hope to at least get her a proper costume…and maybe even do some face painting.

Recently, I’ve been teaching her to properly push back her hair while she washes her face. I think she’s finally got it. And I’m glad because I rarely use those head band things anymore.

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The Current Situation

Friday night, just when my right hand was getting better, I started experiencing the tell-tale snapping-crab pain in my ankles, where it feels like an army of crabs are constantly snapping at my ankles with each painful step. Well, after Friday night and into the weekend, my right ankle faired worse and I had to call in sick to work for today (Monday). It got so bad that I had a hard time walking around the house and Ken would have to help me get around. The area feels warm, tender, and extremely painful with the slightest touch. Any movement or pressure on this ankle is painful. Putting a light blanket on my legs elicited pain from this ankle. It doesn’t look very swollen in the photo, but even Ken said he could tell that it was swollen. Needless to say, I had to call in sick again for tomorrow.

It was yesterday night when I started to wonder about the air pressure and sure enough, it was below the green zone of 29.9 inHg or 1010 hPa. This week is supposed to be rainy with some thundershowers. There seems to be so many ways to express air pressure that I’ve been confused, but for now I guess I’ll just stick to hectopascals or hPa, since apparently that is the international unit for measuring atmospheric pressure.