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New Year Photography Goals

It’s taken me a while to realize that I need to change a few things concerning my approach to photography. First of all, I’ve decided that I will be going back to the Canon system for good. I love my Fuji X-T2, I really do, but the ergonomics are simply not there for me. I’ve found myself reaching for my T2i more often than not because it’s so much more comfortable to hold in my hands. I’ll be getting a new Canon camera hopefully sometime this year, cross fingers and toes!

With that said, here are the things I’m going to change this year:

  1. Keep my “big cameras” out in the open, within easy reach. I’ll have to find a dedicated spot on my desk for my X-T2 (and its replacement), and then another spot on either the kitchen counter or book shelf for my T2i. I no longer see a point in keeping them cooped up in a dark cupboard.
  2. Invest in good glass. I’m considering the 24-70mm F2.8 for my first RF L series collection.
  3. Find good lighting spots in our house. Observe how those spots change throughout the morning, day, and evening.
  4. Tell a story/Capture moments every week. Basically, pick up the cameras on a regular basis. No stress, no pressure. If I’m stressed, I’ll simply use my iPhone, or not take photos at all.
  5. Edit photos monthly, only keep the best. Stay organized!
  6. Be more active on Instagram. I’ll be using my onacliffbythesea account.
  7. Compile the best 2021 photos to create a printed family album in early 2022.


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    I like your goals!! Definitely a canon fan here too. Although I wish I could say I used my G7X more frequently. You’ll have to tell me how you like your future mirrorless! I got my newest dslr just right before mirrorless ones came out and got a 35mm and 85mm L series off the bat—pretty happy with the combo!

    • Thanks Gaile! That is a nice combo! For some reason the same lens here in Japan are almost 1K more expensive. Ugh. If I order from US the warranty and servicing are sketchy. I think I want to get the 85mm for sure but I also need a zoom lens for Miyu’s school activities. I will be sure to blog all about it! 🌞

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