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Bike riding and Saturday hangouts

Miyu and I visited her friend on base yesterday. We went bike riding and she had such a blast. It was nice on base because there were hardly any cars at all and the biking/jogging grounds were really nice, weaving between trees clearly away from the main roads. I didn’t take a picture because while Miyu and her friend were riding ahead, I was hanging out with the friend’s mom (also on bicycle). I didn’t wanna risk crashing in an attempt to break out my phone for a photo. Sadly.

Afterward, we stopped by their house to see their new kitten. Miyu was really enjoying herself and overall we had a nice and adventurous day, despite my butt being sore from an hour of bike riding. Ugh. By the time we left their house, it was around 4:45pm and the weather had gotten a lot colder. My hands were white and blue. Sigh, but it was all worth it. After that, I didn’t feel like grocery shopping and then cooking, so I ordered takeout (Ootoya) for our dinner. 🙂

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It’s that time of year again

I spent yesterday evening wrapping some of Miyu’s Christmas gifts. I bought her a huge air dry clay set since she really likes playing with clay. Not sure how she’s gonna take to it, but I hope she’ll like it. Of course when she got home from Baba & Jiji’s last night, she saw the gift boxes under the Christmas tree and was seething with at first curiosity and then jealousy (because I told her they’re for me and Papa). 🤣

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Behold, The Planning Station

Well, since I blew off money on my early Christmas present, I might as well keep blogging about it until I feel satisfied that’s it’s been thoroughly blogged, LOL. For the past few days, the bottom left corner of my desk seems to have transformed into a “Planning Station.” It’s amazing how, with the right motivation, I can be so resourceful after going on a shopping binge in an effort to soften the blow to my expenses. I was pleasantly surprised to find stationary I forgot I had. Anyway, here are some photos of the setup so far. I’m really loving the grid on these Hobonichi Techos. I have a shoebox full of washi tape that sadly didn’t make it to my station, but it’s right under my desk on the same side. 😆

Fuji X-T2 • 16mm f1.4

Inside the planner  (to see the grid and get an idea of the size)

I’ve barely started writing inside, but so far I can see myself writing in this everyday—granted I don’t have any pain in my hands. The grids are definitely useful and I especially love the weekly spread because each day has its own block and on the right side is free space. It’s super portable and doesn’t make me feel pressured to fill up so much space.

This morning I was able to submit my first ever order to Hobonichi’s online store. I’m so excited. I ordered a few things, mainly an acrylic cover thing for my A6, underlays, and some other stationary doodads. Their site says delivery takes 1–3 business days. Their shopping site is surprisingly English-friendly and the majority of their products can be shipped overseas. No wonder they run out of stock so quickly because not only are Japanese people buying this stuff, but so are so many other people around the world (mainly US, Canada, and Australia I think).

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After having these laying around the house for a few years, Miyu finally decided that she likes wearing headbands. We’ll see if this lasts! Like her mom, she can be very fickle. 🙃

iPhone 11 Pro