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Sushi and the plan

I bought sushi for my lunch today from UberEats. I love this service. For 12 quality pieces of fatty salmon, I only paid ¥1,350 (delivery and service fee included) plus ¥200 tip. So in total I ate a healthy meal for about $15, delivered to my door. Not too shabby. I only buy lunch 2–3 days out of the week, and the rest of the days I eat whatever we have at home. When I used to work at the office, I remember spending $10-$20 a day for lunch, and half the time they were fast food (I’m lookin’ at you PopEyes). Until I can get the hang of making myself lunch Monday–Friday, I think UberEats and Demaecan (this other food delivery service) are going to get along just fine. 🙂

The Plan

After staring at and leafing through my new planners, it looks like I am gravitating slightly toward the Weekly as my main. Despite the odd dimensions, I just really like and prefer the weekly setup, because that’s how I “journal” in my Goodnotes at the moment (kind of).

Main planner Goals (60%)

For the Weekly, I plan on using it as my main planner because that’s how I like to organize my time—by weeks. I like how this planner has pretty much everything that the Original (A6) has, but that the layout condenses the time by week and adds extra blank space for that particular week. I’m really sad at the moment that I can’t find a nice zip cover for it though. The first week that I can “move in” is the week of November 29. It’s perfect because it gives me a chance to organize December.

Secondary Planner Goals (40%), Memory/Art/Japanese journal

For the Original A6, my plan is to use it as a daily log/memory keeper/bullet/gratitude/art/Japanese notes journal type of thing. I love how there is plenty of space for each day, but I just can’t see myself organizing my time daily. So, I think it will serve better as a log or repository of some sort.

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