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Shichi Photoshoot

This past Sunday, we walked to a temple nearby our apartment to do Miyu’s Shichi photoshoot. In Japan, they have a tradition called Shichi-Go-San and basically for girls, you take a photo of them wearing kimonos at ages 3 and 7. For boys, it’s 5 I think. Anyway, it was really important to me that I get this done before she turns 8 and for the past month or so we’ve been procrastinating. Needless to say, I’m so glad and relieved that we made it! Even though we didn’t do the ceremony, it’s okay. We didn’t do the ceremony for her 3-year-old photoshoot either. Here’s what I learned from this photoshoot:

  • Make sure the subject’s clothes are functioning properly (I didn’t keep watch of Miyu’s long sleeve shirt underneath her kimono so her left sleeve kept popping out and it totally shows in some photos)
  • Make sure the clothing is pristine if it’s traditional wear (I missed some packaging seams 😱 and also her orange belt kept slipping off. Also, her faux hair bun kept falling off!)
  • Carry a wide angle lens just in case
  • Take your time (I was rushing sometimes because I felt self-conscious about the other temple-goers around)

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