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Dustin’ it off

I finally decided to breakout my sewing machine today. I’m getting tired of the anxiety I get every time I pull out a disposable mask from our waning supply. Lord help me because it’s been years since I’ve sewn, and I was only ever really a fickle hobbyist to begin with.

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Groceries in, trash out.


I decided to use our nifty MacWagon tonight and I’m glad I did because we had a lot of trash to throw away. It was so much easier to put all the junk in the wagon instead of putting a bag on each arthritic finger and hoping that the cardboards won’t fall out during the miserable trek to the trash shed. Why didn’t I do this sooner? Jeez louise. Well, I think it’s definitely easier now because Miyu helps. She’s like my wing girl, assistant, cadet in training, super trooper. I’m really proud of her for wanting to help. I think there is tremendous value in teaching a child the principle of chores at an early age! I’m wondering now how long this will last though. I’m praying that she’ll be like this even through high school. Can a mom dream or what? 🙂

Got a lot of stuff in today, my second bento book, SD card, 24 boxes of The Moon incense, and my fish oil, turmeric, and milk thistle supplements. I’m kind of worried about how I’ll react to the latter two since I’ve never taken them before. I think I’ll try those tomorrow night since it’ll be Friday. So if any digestive disasters occur, I shall be in the comfort of my own home, LOL. I’m good with the fish oil though since it’s the same brand I took while I was pregnant (Nordic Naturals).

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Typical mornings and the coveted boiled egg maker

I’ve always wanted to blog about our little boiled egg maker so this morning I thought why not? We bought this thing many years ago and I don’t know what I’d do without it. Basically you just add water to the bottom dish (below the metal plate), put the eggs in, pop the top on, and put it in the microwave for 8~9 minutes (500W). I don’t have to worry about using a pan and creating more dishes. After I’m done with this, I just put it back in the dish dryer and let it air dry. Voila! I was too tired to fry sausages this morning so I just made buttered toast to go with her egg. Sadly, Miyu only eats egg whites. Ever since she was a toddler, she has had an aversion to yolk. Which kind of works out for me because I prefer the yolk. 🙂

She’s getting more and more into HayDay and she’s looking more like me now, like a HayDay otaku on multiple tablets. I’m fine with her playing this because I’m trying to teach her how to follow directions since she doesn’t know how to listen very well, she’s learning how to count bigger numbers (coins), learning new vocabulary, and most of all, the game manages to sustain her interest. It’s calm and peaceful, there are no rushing actions or sounds that she needs to keep up with unlike her other apps. This simple little farming game teaches her the value of hard work and patience. She wants to be able to buy pets and new machines but I tell her that she needs to keep playing so she can level up, grow crops, sell stuff to make coins, etc. I think she’s slowly understanding, but she likes to play on my farm more because I have a lot more things to do on there. Sigh. Oh well, one day at a time.

screenshot_20191024-0800541235369064848505900.jpgAfter I dropped her off at school, I went on my merry way to work and decided to try an audiobook I got a month or so ago. I’ve been meaning to read it for a while now since it won so many fantasy awards.

The prologue ended exactly as I pulled into the parking lot at my work. I was definitely intrigued and the author’s command of language and tone is very impressive.

My hands are a bit achy today, specifically my fingers. I need to tape up my right middle finger this time. I didn’t go grocery shopping or start on my homework yesterday as planned (blew my remaining cash at Daiso and took a 3-hour nap instead, LOL), so today I’m hoping to be a leetle bit more productive.

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Our new oil heater!


We got it this past Sunday at Yodobashi. It wasn’t in stock so they had it delivered to us today. Original price was ¥32,868 ($302.65). We got it on sale for  ¥28,540 ($262.80). We’ve been using our trusted gas heater (handed down to us by Ken’s aunt) since around the time when Miyu was born. It works wonderfully and can heat up a large amount of space in a short time, but it racks up our gas bill like nobody’s business. This new electric oil heater will rack up our electric bill for sure, but hopefully not at the same rate though. I’m so happy because I’ve discovered over the years that I feel and breathe so much better with radiant heat. 🙂

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A rainy morning with coffee


As expected, Miyu is worse this morning. She’s coughing, sneezing with phlegm, and her forehead is getting warmer by the hour. I decided to call in sick today and will most likely do some work from home. We just finished eating breakfast and I made myself a nice hot cup of (instant) coffee in my new pancake mug. I can hear the sounds of rain and cars passing by from outside and while I’m excited about this new HayDay update, I actually just want to curl up with my Kindle instead…or maybe even get back into The Expanse. But alas, a mountain of dishes and laundry await me still. Despite the lazy feeling, I hope it’ll be a productive day for me and a relaxing day for Miyubear.