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Papa’s Visit to the Dentist

Yesterday, Ken had a dental emergency and needed to see a dentist about a tooth infection that caused some swelling in his cheek. Of course, dramatic as our daughter is, Miyu vehemently expressed her interest in attending. So, because he couldn’t get an earlier appointment anyway, we waited for her to get home from school and there we were, at the dentist, waiting for Ken to get seen. They drilled a hole into his tooth and removed some of the nerves. He was given antibiotics and some weak sauce pain meds. He ended up using my 400mg Motrin (x2) but even that wasn’t really enough to deal with the pain. Barely takes the edge off, apparently. Hmm, now he understands how I live at the moment. LOL

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Undokai + Halloween 2020

This year, due to the pandemic, Miyu’s first grade undokai was shortened. I wasn’t disappointed, if I’m being honest. Crowded places, noise, and a language I can’t speak spells disaster for my anxiety. But the nicest surprise was that Ken decided to forego work and spend the day with us instead. Afterward, we shopped and ate, and then before we knew it, it was time to go trick o’ treating.

I’m happy to report that Miyu finally experienced her first ever full Halloween event. I got her a leopard/cheetah costume from Amazon that she absolutely adored. At around 6pm, Ken and I accompanied her as she went trick o’ treating on base. At first she didn’t really know what to do or say, but after the first two houses, she quickly got the hang of it and was on a roll.

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Miyu’s Morning Yoga

This morning, as I was peacefully shuffling my tarot cards, Miyu approached me and randomly asked if she could use my yoga mat. I hesitated at first, but then I realized I should take advantage of her curiosity and introduce her to some proper yoga. So, I found some nice videos on YouTube and she had a blast. 🙂

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Getting Ready for School

Last night, I told her that our local toy store already has Halloween decorations for sale. After she badgered me about why I didn’t buy any said decorations, she expressed excitement and is now eager to choose a Halloween costume. Her top choices are all big cats. In the past, I’ve always let Halloween slip by, but this year I hope to at least get her a proper costume…and maybe even do some face painting.

Recently, I’ve been teaching her to properly push back her hair while she washes her face. I think she’s finally got it. And I’m glad because I rarely use those head band things anymore.

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Scoot over Summer

Yesterday, I decided it was time to let Miyu out on her scooter and give her free reign on some concrete. It was terribly hot, but at least there was a good amount of wind. We saw several cicada, butterflies, and dragonflies fly about. Only the latter two I was really happy about. I don’t know what it is about cicada that disturb me so much. I think it’s the drunken way they fly coupled with this annoyingly loud sound they produce. I understand they’re important for the ecosystem, but hot damn, they look like huge cockroach beetle flies. I wish I had a team of hungry pet ravens and a small army of dragonflies who would just guard us from mosquitoes and drunken cicadas. 🙂

Anyway, wishful thinking aside, we walked to a 7-11 and bought some snacks and had an ice cream break in the middle of her scooting session. She had a lot of fun and that made me happy.