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Decaf in the evening

I can drink coffee any time of the day or night, but as I’ve gotten older, I discovered that drinking caffeinated drinks after about 3pm is never a good idea for me. Worse, I crave coffee as a dessert. But after dinner, when I seem to crave coffee as much as I do in the morning, I’ve been torn between happiness and the fear of waking up to pee every hour. So, I’ve been on the hunt for a good tasting decaf and I think I’ve found the one. I ordered the Organic FairTrade Coffee by Mount Hagen from Amazon Japan a month or so ago based on good reviews. I love it. It’s so rich with flavor and doesn’t taste like stale chemicals like the one from Folgers. I just use about one tablespoon and a little bit of milk, and I’m good. Craving satisfied and vindictive bladder misery averted.