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That’s the best way I can describe my current state.

I recently spoke with my academic advisor and was informed that my graduation date is August 30. So now I can say on my resume that I officially obtained my bachelor’s on August 30, 2020.

After 14 years of struggle, it’s finally over!!!

During the final days of class, I actually reopened one of my domains for the purpose of chronicling my new art journey. I’m really excited because Ken got me a new Wacom tablet for my graduation present. The only issues I face now are (1) my arthritis, and (2) managing my time between work, Miyu, and house chores.

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Dear Dragonfly

Yesterday morning as I was standing by to wave Miyu off on her way to school, I noticed a dragonfly resting on a tree right outside of our door. I was just looking around and enjoying the quiet when I suddenly noticed its presence. Miyu’s group started to leave and I waved at her. There was a huge wasp that flew around that tree so I quickly went in and went about my day, but I was still happy to see the dragonfly. It’s not often I see one just hanging from a tree branch. They’re usually wizzing by carrying about their little lives. Aside from butterflies, I think they’re the only winged insects that I actually like.

Since I had a holiday off, Miyu came straight home from school and as it happened, Ken was not feeling well and stayed home. I told Miyu about the dragonfly so of course she was excited and had to see for herself. I read some folklore and mythology surrounding the dragonfly and told her that they used to be dragons, so they’re kind of like dragon spirits, or just spirits in general. I like to think of them as guardian spirits/fairies. To me their wings are so incredibly beautiful. I think that’s why I like to think of them as fairies—because of the pattern of their wings.

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Letting Go

Since Miyu started school, I noticed that when I pick her up, she always gives me a drawing on a thin sheet of square origami paper. The drawings depict the most significant event of her day. For example, the first memorable drawing she gave me recently was of her classroom and a wandering bee. She recounted what happened and the excitement of her fellow classmate who told her about it. I thought it was the most charming thing ever, that she was compelled to share her memory with me through a drawing. That, as if, since she doesn’t have any other means to do so, she had to draw it out to explain to me how significant this event was to her.

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Art therapy is now in session

Miyu definitely got me sick. I’m gonna stop here and call it a night. I have a headache, my throat hurts, and my voice is starting to sound sickish and husky. I worked on my math homework earlier today so I don’t feel too guilty about having spent this evening  attempting to paint my glacier pothos. Not too shabby I think. The hardest part was exact color replication. But I think I figured it out. Toward the end my hand started to ache and cramp. The top of the pot totally looks wonky. Oh well, I think I made good progress though. I think I was able to get this far because Miyu is currently at Baba and Jiji’s (grandparents) house so I was able to paint in peace without interruption. 🙂

Painting background music.