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Miyu’s New Parking Space

Her scooter has always been somewhat of a nuisance in our house. Usually, it’s parked in our tatami office or when I get annoyed by it, I put it in our balcony. But then a few days later, Miyu gets it from the balcony and puts it right back where it was. Today, we were outside to meet our UberEats when Miyu came up with the bright idea that she should park her scooter right in front of our apartment. I thought, why not? Hopefully nobody steals it. But our neighbor two doors down have three kids and they park their little bikes out in front too, so I think it’ll be fine. 🤓

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The non-traditional tooth fairy

Miyu has been keeping her three baby teeth in a small jar I got from Daiso. She’s been asking me for a while now why the tooth fairy still hasn’t visited her. Well, that’s because the tooth fairy has been out of touch but is finally getting her life together. It may have taken her a few years, but so what?

No, what I’ll actually say to her (once she discovers the money in the jar) is “See, you just have to be patient. The tooth fairy visits eventually.” Then I’ll most likely have to explain what “eventually” means. I’m happy to report that Miyubear received ¥1,000 ($10) per tooth. 🤓 💰💰💰

Ken was shocked when I showed the jar to him, commenting how he only received ¥500 ($5) per tooth when he was a kid. I couldn’t really sympathize because when I was a kid, I don’t recall ever receiving anything from the tooth fairy.  He asked me why I didn’t put the money under her pillow and I shrugged, saying this was more convenient. Plus, this non-traditional tooth fairy is a few years late, might as well consolidate.

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What Raynaud’s Syndrome Looks Like

There was a snow advisory last night and I spent about five minutes or so outside to pick Miyu up from her grandparents (they live about a 2-3 minute walk away from us, I met them halfway). When I came back inside, my hands looked like this:

As part of my mixed connective tissue disease, I also have something called Raynaud’s Syndrome. Basically, I lose circulation in my fingers and sometimes my toes when I’m exposed to cold temperatures. It’s like that feeling when your leg or foot falls asleep. It’s an aching numbness and it takes a while to go away. For me, my hand warmer really helps with this.

If you want to read more about Raynaud’s, this article explains it pretty well.