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Off to Baba & Jiji’s

Fuji X-T2 • 35mm F2
Fuji X-T2 • 35mm F2

I played around with my X-T2’s settings last night and decided to try a whole new focusing and shooting mode as well as a new image size (16:9). I’m liking it so far. The only issue I may come across is printing at a print shop or placing a print inside a photo frame. The images may need to be cropped. Hhmm.

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Finally, a zoom lens.

The past two or three years have been a struggle photographically because the only zoom lens I owned was on my very old Canon T2i. As of this past weekend, that is no longer the case! I finally have a zoom lens for my Fuji X-T2. It’s not anything top-of-the-line, but it’s a budget lens that will get the job done. Now I feel relieved because whenever Miyu has her undokais or we go out on a trip, I have a better chance of getting nice shots from afar. Now let’s see if I can get ’em sharp!

Compared to my 56mm
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Grocery Shopping Sidekick

Back when she was still a baby or a toddler, I remember grocery shopping was pretty hectic and stressful. Overtime though, things have been improving and tonight when Miyu and I went grocery shopping, I realized that my little girl is now helping me with the groceries. I don’t have to worry anymore about her running off and wreaking havoc. If she wanders off, I know she’ll be nearby and she’ll come back to me. I’m so proud and grateful. We’ve come a long way. 🙂

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New Chances, New Beginnings

The last few months…well…this year so far, really, if I’m honest, has been extremely miserable for me health-wise. To put things into perspective, I don’t think I’ve ever known such misery in my entire life. I think I lost about 15lbs just by being sick. During this time, I felt like I lost my way. There have been periods in my life where I’ve become lost and my only solution was to start over. So, that’s where I find myself again. I’m starting over.

While I was miserable and sick as a dog, I finally realized the necessity for change. I’ve started to let go of things I don’t need. I’m diverting energy I would’ve otherwise wasted into more productive activities. For example, I’ve decided to let go of Tarot. One, it was a huge waste of time and money, and two, it doesn’t align with my spiritual beliefs and was turning out to be a major distraction. I’m deciding to keep a few decks solely to appreciate the artwork, but I’ll be spending that energy reading books instead—something I haven’t done in a while. I’ve also let go of all social media (including Instagram). As a result, I don’t feel like an anxious, covetous zombie anymore.

I think it’s finally hitting me, too, that since I no longer have the stress of homework hanging over my head everyday, I can finally do the things I’ve neglected over the years. I’m mainly referring to cooking, but also maintaining the house, teaching Miyu how to read and write English, and possibly getting back into studying Japanese.

I’ve stopped pining over my pipe dream of getting into illustration and instead I’m returning to something that has made me so incredibly happy and satisfied for over eighteen years—blogging and photography. I’m not going to pressure myself to get back into art or writing fiction. I’m just going to find happiness and gratitude in the everyday through blogging, however seemingly mundane.

This week, I cooked dinner everyday. That’s unheard of and definitely not something I aspire to do every week, but I have hope that going forward, cooking two to three times per week becomes the norm.

Miyu helping me cook Nikujaga on Tuesday.

Here’s to new beginnings. 🙂

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The Laundry Conspiracy

I find it incredibly amusing that throughout my history of photographs, there always seems to be laundry in the background. The photo below really brought this strange phenomenon to my attention. Is the universe trying to tell me something? 💡🧐

Circa 1990?

Could it be…stop goofin’ off and do the laundry, Renee?

Or could it be…there will always be laundry in the background, so why not just have fun anyway?