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The Struggle with Sugar

I’ve finally found the best gelato ever, just when I’m trying to cut back on sugar. The above photo is my favorite–chocolate and pistachio. I had it during my birthday weekend at Grandberry Park where Miyu likes to visit a cat cafe and where we also buy Maddie’s food supplies.

I’ve been doing good overall. I weigh 134lbs, so roughly ten pounds away from my target goal. I think the hardest part for me is dinner time, when I have to take my heavier meds, I tend to reach for something sugary then. I don’t drink coffee everyday anymore, and I stopped buying sugary snacks for myself. It’s a struggle though because Miyu has her snack box full of sugary things and sometimes I reach in there when the cravings get really intense.

Other than my struggles with sugar, work has been fine and I’m now in the process of slowly storing our winter clothes. I haven’t been able to put them all away because it still gets cold here and there, especially at night. I’ve also started taking Domestika courses for Procreate and Writing and now it’s just a matter of managing my time so that I can dedicate at least an hour everyday to those.

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Current State of Affairs

We went out yesterday to Yokohama to get Ken’s annual eye exam done so he can continue to receive his contact lenses subscription. We were at the Bay Quarter building on the 8th floor I believe it was where Miyu and I found some gacha gacha machines. This one immediately caught my eye. They were just of animals weighing themselves on scales. This dog one in particular was my favorite. Reminds me of myself and how I still need to lose 20 more pounds to be at my target weight goal. 🙂

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Carrot Cake

I’ve been on a carrot cake streak lately. This is the second batch I made for the second week in a row. I noticed for quite some time that restaurants don’t normally offer these on their menus so after all these years, I thought I’d finally make my own. 🙂

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Forgot my mask?!

We took a little trip to the combini for lunch today and when I got back home, I was aghast to discover that I had completely forgotten to wear my mask! 😱 I knew something was off when I took this photo of me and Miyu…. but it didn’t click until I shut the door when we got home! LOL Whoopppsss.

When we were eating our lunch, Miyu hinted that she wanted my drink. I reluctantly slid my tea bottle over to her and said witheringly, “Why don’t you ever get your own drink?”

She replied, “Because my butt is stuck to this chair!” She went on to explain that the cushions on the chair make it hard for her to get up (like she sinks into the cushions). Sigh. 😩