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Shichi Photoshoot

This past Sunday, we walked to a temple nearby our apartment to do Miyu’s Shichi photoshoot. In Japan, they have a tradition called Shichi-Go-San and basically for girls, you take a photo of them wearing kimonos at ages 3 and 7. For boys, it’s 5 I think. Anyway, it was really important to me that I get this done before she turns 8 and for the past month or so we’ve been procrastinating. Needless to say, I’m so glad and relieved that we made it! Even though we didn’t do the ceremony, it’s okay. We didn’t do the ceremony for her 3-year-old photoshoot either. Here’s what I learned from this photoshoot:

  • Make sure the subject’s clothes are functioning properly (I didn’t keep watch of Miyu’s long sleeve shirt underneath her kimono so her left sleeve kept popping out and it totally shows in some photos)
  • Make sure the clothing is pristine if it’s traditional wear (I missed some packaging seams 😱 and also her orange belt kept slipping off. Also, her faux hair bun kept falling off!)
  • Carry a wide angle lens just in case
  • Take your time (I was rushing sometimes because I felt self-conscious about the other temple-goers around)
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October Recap

Last month, we went out bike riding around our neighborhood one weekend. We had no plans, really, but we finally were able to get Miyu’s gym uniforms. Even though the school year is more than halfway finished, I still wanted to get her at least one pair, now that we know where to get it. We ended up parking our bikes at our train station and then going to this random place called Shin-Yurigaoka. I got lost at this train stop about 18 years ago. Ken thought it was funny to visit there. We had a lovely dinner and ice cream (and coffee) afterward.

Then, the next evening, Ken and Miyu cooked Nabe. I discovered that even in clear soup form, my body does not agree with mushrooms of any kind.

Fuji X-T2 •16mm f1.2

Finally, on Halloween, we decided to go to the Enoshima Aquarium. We hadn’t told Miyu that we were going and we just purposely kept telling her we were going to a mall whenever she asked 🙃. The elation on her face and voice when she realized where we had arrived was worth it. It was our second visit ever and it was the most crowded I’d ever seen it. That definitely made me nervous, but we’re okay. Last year, I had bequeathed my Canon G7X to Miyu on her 7th birthday and so she had a blast taking her own photos. We had a lot of fun in general and Miyu got to buy souvenirs for her friends at school.

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Burt is everywhere now

Here’s my favorite shot from yesterday. I wanted to see how it felt using the vertical battery grip and I must say, it’s very comfortable. The only downside with the battery grip is that it adds a considerable amount of weight to the camera. I lugged it around in my purse, but after a while I had to leave it in the car because my shoulder hurt so bad. Next time I’ll bring my camera leash to see if that’s better.

Fuji X-T2 • 16mm f1.4