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The Struggle with Sugar

I’ve finally found the best gelato ever, just when I’m trying to cut back on sugar. The above photo is my favorite–chocolate and pistachio. I had it during my birthday weekend at Grandberry Park where Miyu likes to visit a cat cafe and where we also buy Maddie’s food supplies.

I’ve been doing good overall. I weigh 134lbs, so roughly ten pounds away from my target goal. I think the hardest part for me is dinner time, when I have to take my heavier meds, I tend to reach for something sugary then. I don’t drink coffee everyday anymore, and I stopped buying sugary snacks for myself. It’s a struggle though because Miyu has her snack box full of sugary things and sometimes I reach in there when the cravings get really intense.

Other than my struggles with sugar, work has been fine and I’m now in the process of slowly storing our winter clothes. I haven’t been able to put them all away because it still gets cold here and there, especially at night. I’ve also started taking Domestika courses for Procreate and Writing and now it’s just a matter of managing my time so that I can dedicate at least an hour everyday to those.

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End of the month weigh-in: October


This month’s weight loss = 2.7 lbs

Total weight loss overall = 14.4 lbs

Welp, I guess it’s better than gaining weight. I’m just glad that I’m going forward and not backward. I felt like a total slacker these past two months. I haven’t really been doing keto. I think the only thing that is helping to maintain my weight is portion control. Once I feel full, I immediately stop eating. I still haven’t been doing any physical exercises at home and I’m partially blaming my arthritis for that. For the month of November, I’m going to try to at least form a habit of stretching. I really want to work on my belly issue but I guess that’s not going to happen if I can’t even commit to a simple habit of stretching. So that will be my first goal.

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End of the month weigh-in: August

This month’s weight loss = 3.8 lbs

Total weight loss overall = 13.4 lbs

Welp, I can’t believe it’s already September tomorrow.  I’m still tempted to go shopping for clothes but I’m just not at my goal weight so I think I’ll suffer the slightly saggy pants and slightly oversized tops for a little while longer. I’m content with the slow pace of my weight loss, just as long as I’m losing some kind of weight each month.

I miss drinking hot green tea. Because of the summer, I haven’t been drinking it as much. I much prefer hot green tea over cold so lately I’ve just been drinking water (as usual) and mugicha むぎ茶 (barley tea). I must say that I absolutely love mugicha though, but I always prefer it cold. I think these two will just be my staple drinks at home because I find that I can never really finish a bottle of cold green tea. I’ll just drink hot green tea during the colder season. Two more months to go!

On a random note, my employer recently had a name change so all staff will be receiving new work polos. I went on a limb and ordered one size smaller because I normally get a Large. I updated my size to Medium so my plan is to get my belly under control so that I can wear them! Otherwise, I won’t be able to wear them and that would suck because I’m lazy and hate having to pick outfits each morning. That kind of forces me to keep myself in check with my progress, or even perhaps be more aggressive about it.

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End-of-the-Month Weigh-in: July

This month’s weight loss = 0.4 lbs (⌣_⌣”)

Total weight loss overall = 9.6 lbs

Clearly, I fell off the band-wagon this month. I had a bit of a minor stomach bug that lasted almost two weeks and that really threw me off eating wise. I’m only now just starting to get back into keto mode. I’m still eating a bit of rice on the weekends but I’m fine with that, and lately I’ve been eating some toast over the weekend as well. *shrugs* What can I say? I’m totally enjoying my short break from school. Starting August 19, I’ll be taking on three classes so…God help me.