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Miyu’s First Remote School Day

She was supposed to bring her school-issued laptop home last Friday, but she ended up forgetting it at school. So, I had to let her borrow my MacBook Air. Luckily, getting into her Google Classroom is pretty straight forward and we didn’t have any issues.

When it came to the meeting time at 0845, she was a bit anxious, but as soon as I showed her how to mute/unmute herself, how to pin her teacher’s video feed, and how to raise her hand, she was pretty easy going about it. She was a little shy throughout the whole thing, but I think she did a great job. 😊

It was hectic for me because I still had to work, but I’m just thankful that everything went as smooth as it did. I know it could’ve been way more stressful, so I’m thankful this remote thing was only for today. Otherwise, I don’t know how I would manage.

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Miyu’s New Plant Project

Miyu brought home a sprout the other day and said that she and her classmates grew it from seeds at school and this one was hers. She didn’t know the name of it in English but apparently it’s some kind of vegetable. So far, I’m not sure if it’s taking root. I set it along with the rest of our plants near our window. I wonder if it’s too cold maybe? It’s just been kinda droopy ever since.

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Bike riding and Saturday hangouts

Miyu and I visited her friend on base yesterday. We went bike riding and she had such a blast. It was nice on base because there were hardly any cars at all and the biking/jogging grounds were really nice, weaving between trees clearly away from the main roads. I didn’t take a picture because while Miyu and her friend were riding ahead, I was hanging out with the friend’s mom (also on bicycle). I didn’t wanna risk crashing in an attempt to break out my phone for a photo. Sadly.

Afterward, we stopped by their house to see their new kitten. Miyu was really enjoying herself and overall we had a nice and adventurous day, despite my butt being sore from an hour of bike riding. Ugh. By the time we left their house, it was around 4:45pm and the weather had gotten a lot colder. My hands were white and blue. Sigh, but it was all worth it. After that, I didn’t feel like grocery shopping and then cooking, so I ordered takeout (Ootoya) for our dinner. 🙂